Gaby Espino a Venezuelan actress and model

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María Gabriela "Gaby" Espino Rugero is a Venezuelan actress and model. She best known for her roles in telenovelas.

María Gabriela "Gaby" Espino Rugero, was born on November 15, 1977 in Caracas, Venezuela. She is oldest of five children. Her father is a chemical engineer, and her mother, Mariela, works in public relations. Due to her fascination of animals, Espino originally planned to become a veterinarian. She later decided to study odontology, but changed her mind and began studying public relations, before deciding to become an actress.She has played in many novelas, such as Mas Sabe El Diablo starring Karla Monroig and Jencarlos Canela.

Gaby is married to Cristóbal Lander. In July 2008, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Oriana Lander Espino. As of today, Gaby and Cristóbal are separated, yet no divorce has been confirmed. She has a relationship with costar Jencarlos Canela. Apparently that did not last because she is back with her husband since November 2010 .

Caidas del Cielo [2011–2012]  as Anabella
Ojo Por Ojo [2010–2011] as Alina Monsalve
Más Sabe el Diablo [2009–2010] as Manuela Davila
El Rostro de Analía [2008–2009] as Mariana Montiel
Sin Vergüenza [2007] as Renata Sepulveda
Mundo de Fieras [2006] as Mariangela Cruz
Se solicita príncipe azul [2005] as Maria Carlota Rivas
Luna la heredera [2004] as Luna Mendoza
Rebeca [2003] as Izaguirre Zabaleta
Las González [2002] as Aleli Gonzalez
Guerra de mujeres [2001] as Yubiri Gamboa
Amantes de Luna Llena [2000] as Abril Cardenas
Enamorada [1999] as Ivana Robles
A todo corazón [1997] as Natalia Aristillet

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