Alma Pirata Capítulo 46 Telenovela

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Alma Pirata Capítulo 46 Telenovela
In blog Telenovelas Series You can watch online Alma Pirata Capítulo 46 Telenovela on Februari, 2012. Alma Pirata Capítulo 46. This high quality video and sound that just can not let a single day and see the details of this super soap opera, besides that I can download to your computer. Greetings friends. Alma Pirata Capítulo 46 Telenovela, just follow the link below or see can also see here in the same blog. thanks and greetings. See previous chapter Alma Pirata Capítulo 45 Telenovela

Alma Pirata: Three friends, in the tradition of their deceased parents, merged the brotherhood of "THE LEAGUE OF SWORDS". Seek to find the priceless emerald Alma, clean the memory of their parents, continue the righteous activity of the League and, unaware of the murder of his parents, punish the murderer. Our righteous are: Benicio (scammer), Cruz (mage and thief) and Ivan (gambler) who will join Allegra, the beautiful daughter of the greatest enemy of the Brotherhood, the powerful Gino Riganti, traitor of the old League. Clara, daughter of Charlotte ("Charly") and friend Allegra is the only one who does not share the secret. They hide it without knowing that Clara is closely linked to history, since it is the natural daughter of Gino, the great love of Charly. This will become so in the story of three adventurers and woman who fight for justice, torn between love and passions impossible, in a game that will finally understand the true story of his parents and a sense of their own lives.

Alma Pirata Capítulo 46

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