El Laberinto Capitulo 25 Telenovela

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El Laberinto Capitulo 25 Telenovela
You can watch in blog Telenovelas Series Online with El Laberinto Capitulo 25 on Februari, 2012. El Laberinto Capitulo 25 This high quality video and sound that just can not let a single day and see the details of this super soap opera, besides that I can download to your computer. Greetings friends. El Laberinto Capitulo 25 Telenovela, just follow the link below or see can also see here in the same blog. thanks and greetings. See previous chapter El Laberinto Capitulo 24 Telenovela

El Laberinto: Fifteen years ago, Carlos Alberto Buendía, a common type of middle class, with a particular life for nothing: he lives with his parents, works as a private in a company employee aviation, dreams of buying his own car and a house. He has a girlfriend with whom he married recently but no one knows except his best friend who also works with him. His life passes without greater urgency until Suzanne Steel, wife of the president of the company he works for, decides to seduce him to make it part of his personal vendetta against her husband. She dies minutes before having sex with Buendia. Thereafter, the clumsy decisions Buendia, from hide and bury the corpse to get involved in the alleged process of release of "dead" they believe kidnapped, coupled with inefficient judicial system and unscrupulous greed and wickedness of Francisco de Paula Steel, take Buendia to one of the worst nightmares of any Colombian: Falling into a prison and being "guilty until you prove otherwise." Fifteen years later, Buendia is as normal as time ago, now its much more stable life, away from all the living hell, focuses on taking care of his family, his wife Adriana and her daughter Veronica. Still serving as a systems engineer, has achieved a better position, nothing outstanding in any case, since their priority is to achieve stability. However, the nightmares of the past, one that assail him again at night.

El Laberinto Capitulo 24 Telenovela

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