Flor Salvaje capitulo 134 Telenovela

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Flor Salvaje capitulo 134 Telenovela
In blog Telenovelas Series you can watch online Flor Salvaje capitulo 134 Telenovela on Februari, 2012. Flor Salvaje capitulo 134. This high quality video and sound that just can not let a single day and see the details of this super soap opera, besides that I can download to your computer. Greetings friends. Flor Salvaje capitulo 134 Telenovela , just follow the link below or see can also see here in the same blog. thanks and greetings. See previous chapter Flor Salvaje capitulo 133 Telenovela

Flor Salvaje: Flor Salvaje Amanda is the story of green Monte (Monica Spear), a young man who must forge a new life for herself and her three sisters after being orphaned. Amanda arrives in the city of New Hope attracted by stories of riches that came with the discovery of oil in the land. There you will discover that New Hope is dominated by Rafael Urrieta, a greedy person who rules the city with an iron fist and believes that money can buy everything. In this small town that seems lost in time, no one dares to face Rafael Urrieta until Amanda arrives. After being separated from her sister, Amanda knows she is the only person who shall gather again and look after them. She is willing to do anything to get it even if it means you have to give up her true love in the process. Amanda sees New Hope as the place will get the money to help her sisters. She knows it will not be easy. Amanda was never educated, can not read or write and had to live on the streets after the death of his mother. Sacramento, a loyal and handsome young man who was raised by priests of the city, you will see a beautiful soul and Amanda kind which will fall in love madly. Unfortunately, another man also look at it, none other than Rafael Urrieta. As Amanda is determined to rescue his sister, she will have to choose a path or an innocent love of power and ambition.

Flor Salvaje capitulo 134

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